Seat Septil Dispenser

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Infection Prevention and Clean - With Nosocomia Seat septile towels you give your employees and customers a sense of security. Simply remove a towel from the dispenser. The toilet seat with the piece of cloth and allow to dry briefly. Ideal much used in washing and toilet facilities.

The Seat-septile dispenser offers

  • appealing design with harmonious curves with no sharp edges
  • a long shelf life: made ​​of unbreakable ABS plastic, no metal parts, therefore no risk of corrosion
  • a high functionality: the sheets are hermetically sealed in the dispenser, so that drying out is prevented
  • a hygienic and economical system: the towels are perforated. Thus, only one towel is always taken.
  • A cloth in the size 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm is absolutely sufficient for disinfecting a toilet seat.
  • Easy attachment to the wall: the dispenser can be mounted either with the included double sided tape or with screws to the wall

Additional product information

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* Dispenser made ​​of ultra-hard ABS plastic * Lockable key unbreakable polyacetal * pre-drilled back plate. * Fixing with screws or adhesive tape * 190 mm high, 120 mm wide, 82 mm deep