BoStop - trap for floor drains

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BoStop is the ingenious trap for floor drains.

Available in sizes from 90x90mm to 190x190mm. With or without hole.

BoStop is the ingenious trap for floor drains.

The closure is simply inserted between the drain and rust. The flexible membrane prevents the escape of odors, and yet ensures the discharge of water.BoStop is available in different sizes and can be used for almost all floor drains. If necessary, it can be cut to fit. The closure is available with or without holes.

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The Odorlock consists of a 3-4 mm PVC-plate and a special foils- membrane. The elements are attached by  plastic rivets inside a pressure disk. The foils- membrane is tear resistant, UV- and weather resistant, is self-cleaning and possesses an optimal chemical resistance. The temperature range is ( briefly up 170 C) and is flame resistant. The foil is silicone-free.