BIODOR®Kalkex Cleaner 10 liter concentrate

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BIODOR®Kalkex Cleaner Concentrate
Microbiological cleaner and odor remover.

BIODOR®Kalkex Cleaner concentrate

10 liter gives 210 liters of ready to use cleaner.

Cleans and removes odors with using microorganisms
• The smell of root cause
• Removes lime scale and soap scum
• Delayed re-soiling and lime build
• Increases significantly the standard of hygiene
• Prevents with daily use again odors
• Safe for humans and the environment
• classified as readily biodegradable


Suitable for the following areas:

  • Toilets and Sanitary
  • Drains and traps
  • Waste and disposal operations
  • Private residential area
  • For car and househo