biological cleaner and air freshener

biological cleaner and air freshener


The BIODOR®Kalkex cleaner, is particularly suitable for maintenance cleaning in highly polluted sanitary area. At the same time eliminates odor neutralizer contained quickly and lingering unpleasant odors.

The BIODOR®Kalkex Cleaner removes the accumulating daily in sanitary contamination, and soaps and cosmetics residues. It dries very well. Leaves a lasting fresh scent. Ideal for all acid-sensitive surface

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Product no.: 40.501

BIODOR®Kalkex Cleaner concentrate  

Mikobiologischer cleaner and odor remover



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Product no.: 40.510

BIODOR®Kalkex Cleaner Concentrate
Microbiological cleaner and odor remover.

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Product no.: 90.007

spray bottle empty

  • For mixing the BIODOR® cleaner
  • With marking for dosing
  • easy to use
  • Bottle with printed instructions


For normal cleaning surface


500 ml


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Product no.: 90.010

Pressure sprayer empty - Optimal use for large-scale application.               contensts: 1000 ml           

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Product no.: 90.006

drain tap for canister

Tap for clean and drip-free removal from canisters.

Fits our offered Culu Clean cleaner 10 liter canister.

diameter 51mm

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Product no.: 20.100

Deo Disc- perfect and long lasting freshness for all areas. In 5 new scents available.

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Product no.: 20.110
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