waterless urinal

waterless urinal

waterless urinal


The plastic urinal works with the CULU closure system based on membrane technology. Without water, without chemicals or barrier fluid. Thanks to special manufacturing a high pearl effect is achieved. The design ensures easy cleaning, also behind the bowl This urinal fulfills all hygienic requirements and is suitable for all systems, even those with very high user volume. The functionality is designed for easy handling and executable by everyone waitress! Easy cleaning with a neutral pH detergents.


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Product no.: 10.501
  •      The perfect hygiene unit
  •      without water!
  •      Urinals made ​​of ABS- plastic
  •      Innovative fastening technology
  •      White sanitary, quality design
  •      German production
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Product no.: 10.507
  • The perfect hygiene unit without water!
  •  urinals made ​​of ABS plastic - black
  •  Innovative fastening technology
  •  quality design
  •  German production
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